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Columbidae ASR Red P10.jpg

Ancestral state reconstruction of modified P10 feathers across all Columbidae


An ancestral state reconstruction (Mesquite v3.5, Maddison and Maddison, 2010; Mk1 rate model, Lewis 2001) of a unique, modified P10 morphology identifies at least 17 (max 19) independent evolutionary origins of the trait and one loss (Ptilinopus dohertyi). The unresolved phylogenetic relationships among Claravis, Uropelia, and Columbina (specifically C. cyanopis, a critically endangered species) limit our inferences within this clade of Neotropical ground doves (1-3 origins; 0-2 losses). Genera that lack the P10 morphology and whose most recent common ancestor also lacks the morphology have been collapsed to a single or a few representative species (e.g. Treron, Streptopelia). Genera excluded in Pereira et al. 2007 are also excluded here (Starnoenas, Cryptophaps, Microgoura), in addition to Raphus and Pezophaps which are both extinct and data deficient.

(Niese in prep; Cibois et al. 2014, 2017; Pereira et al. 2007; Sweet et al. 2017; Johnson & Weckstein 2011; Johnson et al. 2001; Moyle et al. 2013; Mahler & Tubaro 2001)

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